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 一般社団法人 日本高圧力技術協会 
 TEL : 03-3516-2270
    FAX : 03-3516-2271
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 High Pressure Institute of Japan
Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan



一般社団法人 日本高圧力技術協会
 (High Pressure Institute of Japan)

About High Pressure Institute of Japan (HPI)


 The Hih Pressure Institute of Japan (HPI, hereinafter) was established on May 18, 1967 as an enginereig society . The origin of HP dates back to a research group of High pressure technology formed in 1959. 
The committee evolved into the High Pressure Vessel Code Committee among several enginiireing societies in Institute of Japan as an independent organization for industry and science.
The Institute was authorized by the MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japanese government) in May 1967, as an entity of the Code Committee.

Articles of Institute

 The articles of the Institute are as Follws:
 1) Research in high pressure technology in general
 2) To draw up technical standads for pressure vessels, i.e. their materials, their construction, their testing etc.
 3) To prepare and hold symposia and seminars on high pressure technology
 4) To publish transaction and literature about high pressure technology
 5) Technical advices for pressure vessel codes and regulations on behalf of the government




 Members of the Institute include the  individuals and various industrial organizations:
chemical, gas and electrical power plant engineering companies, fabricators of boilers and
pressure vessels, users of boilers and pressure vessels, oil and chemical plant owners, associations and institute of high pressure technology, high pressure technology research organizations and inspection organizations.
Total members of the Institute count up 200 individuals and 64 companies, at present.

Board of Directors

 The Board of  Directors of HPI  are as bellow:
 President         :  Dr.Shinsuke Sakai, Prof. Emeritus of University of Tokyo

 Vice President : Dr.Hirokazu Tsuji, Prof. Tokyou Denki University
            Mr.Kouichi Murakami, Rotating Machinery Operations of IHI Corporation    

 Directors         : 20~25 Directors including President and Vice President are from
                          industries and universities.